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Manage Holiday Stress with BYOD

Mon, 11/09/2015 - 13:04 by ZixCorp
It’s that time again. Hectic parking lots, crowded malls and full social calendars — the Holidays are officially upon us. Besides some well-deserved — and likely much needed — time off, what’s the best gift an organization can give to its employees? Many would agree that having the ability to take time off without coming back to a deluge of emails and to check into the office with minimal disruptions to quality family time — or the ability to BYOD — is quite the gift. With BYOD, employees are no longer restricted to the walls of their offices or tied to their laptops. Email, documents and...
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Customer Spotlight - Union Bank "Opens Up Shop" with ZixOne

Wed, 07/01/2015 - 10:41 by ZixCorp
Let’s be honest, IT departments rarely have an opportunity to make everyone happy — especially when it comes to the selection of security solutions. Selecting a BYOD product is no different than any other security solution — many times privacy is sacrificed in the name of security. While this ensures that data is secure, it can also lead to unnecessary tension within the workplace. Because of this, Union Bank remained a “closed shop” to mobile devices for many years. Unable to find a solution that balanced employee needs with security, the bank made the conscious...
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Making a BYOD Policy Matter

Tue, 02/10/2015 - 11:02 by ZixCorp
We’ve been hearing a lot of stories recently about how time-pressed staff try valiantly to keep companies efficient despite the difficulties of communicating quickly and effectively in our competitive and often understaffed business environments. We hear of staff using file sharing, personal email accounts, USB drives and DVD ROMs sent through the mail. The other day for example, we heard about nurses in a hospital who communicate with each other via SMS (Short Message Service), a ubiquitous but unencrypted way of sending texts. The chances are their hospital and all the other business...
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Enterprise Mobility Management and the Maginot Line

Tue, 12/02/2014 - 10:52 by Neil Farquharson
Over the weekend I was reading up on my history of the early 20 th Century and the aftermath of the “victory” of World War One. I came across references to the Maginot Line of the 1930s and the comfort the French took in knowing that should there be a new German military build-up, they, the French, would always feel safe behind the impregnable defenses of the Maginot Line. Even today, 80 years later, military experts confirm that despite having the best arms and technology of the time, the German military would never have been able to breach the defenses of the Maginot Line, then a state-of-...
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Customer Spotlight — Financial Institution Banks on ZixOne to Overcome BYOD Hurdle

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 13:48 by ZixCorp
If a company isn’t familiar with BYOD, then implementing it can seem like risky business. These concerns are compounded when the company is a financial institution, in charge of protecting its clients’ valuable financial assets. That’s why when First State Bank of Bedias (FSBB) was considering a BYOD program, it knew it had an important decision to make. Like many organizations, FSBB had to overcome the hurdle of using BYOD to enhance employee convenience and productivity, while ensuring the appropriate measures were taken to keep corporate and client data safe. Originally, management...
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What Enterprise Mobility Management Vendors Aren’t Telling You

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 11:08 by ZixCorp
Last week a few of us at Zix attended the Gartner Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, Fla. From workshops, to keynotes, to roundtables, the four-day event focused on today’s digital world and how it’s redefining IT. ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Larry Dignan attended the conference and shared his thoughts about the on-site Enterprise Mobility Management exhibitors. His key takeaway was that he couldn’t hear through all the white noise and concluded “many vendors sounded alike.” We hear ya Larry (or maybe not, since it IS sounding a little noisy)! He proceeded to write: Simply put, bring your own device (BYOD...
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Enter Zix’s #NoDataOnDevice Twitter Promotion!

Tue, 02/25/2014 - 05:03 by ZixCorp
While the Zix team is at the RSA Conference this week (booth 1832), we are joining BYOD Twitter conversations by encouraging tweets that include #NoDataOnDevice. With ZixOne, corporate email does not reside on employee devices, meeting company security needs and surpassing employee wants for privacy and freedom. So many companies and employees are unsatisfied with their current BYOD solution, and others are unsure which BYOD solution truly fits their needs. ZixOne offers a better way. Zix Twitter followers can enter to win an iPad Mini be joining the discussion! To enter simply: 1.Follow @...
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