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Spring Has Sprung and It’s Brought HIPAA Audits along with It

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 13:11 by ZixCorp
If you’re a member of the healthcare community, then you’ve probably seen the news: The U.S. Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced that it has rolled out Phase 2 of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Audit Program, which will lead to hundreds of reviews of covered entities and their business associates. So what does this all mean? Thanks to the adoption of electronic health records, the sheer volume of sensitive patient data that is handled by healthcare organizations and their business associates has exploded. So there is only one thing that can be...
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Are You Ready for Your OCR HIPAA Audit?

Mon, 12/07/2015 - 11:10 by Neil Farquharson
Jocelyn Samuels, the Director of the OCR has confirmed that Phase Two of the HIPAA compliance audits will be commencing in early 2016 and that organizations need to prepare if they have not done so already; and according to HIPAA Journal , business associates will not be excluded from the audits this time. The ori ginal audits – Phase One – were aimed at educating covered entities and particularly in educating them. They did include companies who appeared on the OCR Wall of Shame as covered in this Zix webinar , but not typically companies that suffered breaches with less than 500 patient...
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Will the NIST Practice Guide Help Develop Your Effective Mobile Security Strategy?

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 11:13 by ZixCorp
With so many recent data breaches in the healthcare industry, senior managers are looking for advice on how best to secure protected health Information (PHI). Many busy health professionals are using mobile devices while at work and during their leisure time. Hence mobile security has become a key issue for IT departments as they look to protect sensitive medical information from unwelcome eyes. Gone are the days of filing cabinets holding patients’ paper records. Today, most patients would rather email their doctors than call them. And healthcare providers are increasingly using smartphones...
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Customer Spotlight — Zix “Automagically” Protects Patient Health Information

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 10:33 by ZixCorp
Healthcare organizations aren’t just responsible for protecting their patients’ health, they are also accountable for protecting their personal health information. Given the nature of the healthcare industry, hospitals and health systems are repositories for sensitive information ranging from medical histories and prescriptions to personal information such as billing information, Social Security Numbers and insurance claim information. Gathered in one place, this can be a treasure trove for someone with ill intentions. Every day millions of emails containing patient health information are...
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Customer Spotlight — How One Healthcare Company Braved the Unknown of BYOD

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 11:10 by ZixCorp
With the amount of sensitive data that passes through healthcare organizations — along with stringent HIPAA regulations — it can seem like a daunting undertaking to embrace BYOD. Innovative Care Management (ICM) was in this position recently — deciding if it would continue to only allow senior management access to corporate email through company-owned devices or open up access to work email on personally owned devices too. Hesitant at first, the team at ICM quickly realized that if it chose the right solution, BYOD was a great option. After a trial of ZixOne, team members were impressed at...
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Recent Email Breaches Illustrate Exposure of Unencrypted Email

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 09:00 by ZixCorp
The Final HIPAA/HITECH Omnibus Rule took effect on March 26, 2013. It was a historic event in the healthcare industry, and its impact is shining light on the vulnerability of unencrypted email. In the last month, we’ve witnessed a trend in email-related breaches. Three recently reported email breaches (see below) serve as a sobering reminder that sending PHI through unencrypted email can result in a breach. This is a good time to keep in mind that email encryption and email data loss prevention are critical components to your security and compliance strategy. ZixCorp has helped thousands of...
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Survey Series, Part 4: Industries most affected by email data loss

Thu, 10/20/2011 - 21:06 by Geoff Bibby
As many know, it takes years to build trust with customers and only seconds to lose it. The protection of private customer data is essential to maintaining customer trust and loyalty, and email encryption has become a significant component of organizations’ security strategy. The Ponemon Institute survey found the majority of all respondents perceive email as a main source of data leakage and view secure email as a high priority. No matter the industry, customer protection is a top priority. However, various industries face an extra burden beyond protecting customer relationships...
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